Best Cryptocurrency Investment

Best Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020

Lots of investors out there usually ask people, who are convoluted with cryptocurrency space, with the commonly asked this question: “what are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020?

The reality is that there is nothing cryptocurrency that you should consider in 2020. It is because most of the cryptocurrencies are all worthy of investing.

So, if you love searching for the best cryptocurrencies, or what type of altcoins you should buy, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will provide you with some of the best cryptocurrencies that you might consider to invest in 2020.


Litecoin is considered as the cryptocurrency that comes after the launching of Bitcoin. It is also rendered as the hottest cryptocurrency that is present a few decades had passed. With the use of the source code of Bitcoin, Litecoin is considered as a Bitcoin’s fork but with some methodological code alterations. This makes it the fastest cryptocurrency in 2020. It has the mission, which is to be the global currency.


Bitcoin since it’s early inception is considered as the cryptocurrency used nationwide in the previous years until today. It is usually denoted to be the “King of Cryptocurrencies.” It has the main goal, which is to work as the digital, peer to peer, and global cash.


Ethereum was the initial cryptocurrency that used to launch the smart contracts. This enabled the manufacturers to create desktop and decentralized mobile apps (dApps) over the blockchain. Almost a thousand tokens were run to the network of Ethereum. And all of these tokens were encouraged the movement of ICO or the Initial Coin Offering.

Basic Attention Token or BAT

BAT or the Basic Attention Token is usually used with the Brave Browser. The Basic Attention Token is also utilized to advice the content producers. You are allowed to tip these content producers every month or prefer to give on-time fees to a particular individual.

Secure Blockchain Wallet

How to Use Jaxx Wallet: Secure Blockchain Wallet

Do you ask yourself on “how to secure and install your blockchain wallet with the use of Jaxx Wallet?” there are lots of wallets that are designed for various cryptocurrencies. Some of these wallets are user-friendly, but most of them aren’t. In this post, you will know how to use and install Jaxx wallet.

What is Jaxx Wallet? It is the wallet, which is usually used by Ethereum and Bitcoin-wallet since it is very user-friendly and will support different types of cryptocurrency. Using Jaxx wallet, you can ensure that your tokens were stored in a single place.

Step 1

Download the newest style of Jaxx Wallet. You can download it on In this post, we have chosen the windows desktop version instead of the extension of Google Chrome.

Step 2

Utilize the executable or the file of installation, and you will be received the newest launches of notes. At the bottom of your desktop, at the right side, you will see the button for “Continue” – hit it.

Step 3

On your screen, you will see the “terms and conditions” that you need to read and decide whether to accept or not. There is also the button for accepting the terms and conditions or not.

Step 4

At this moment, you already have two different options. The first one is to accumulate the latest wallet, and the second one is to restore or pair the wallet. If you prefer the option number one, to continue, look at the bottom right of your screen and hit “continue” button.

Step 5

You will be presented again with two different options, the first one is “custom,” and the second one is “express.” It is recommended for you to click the second option and click the “Continue” button at the bottom side of your screen.

Step 6

At this moment you can now choose which type of wallet you want to be supported by Jaxx. And you can either choose the blockchain wallet and other wallets of various cryptocurrencies.

UCICOIN Exchange is now live!

UCICOIN is proud to present our new bitcoin exchange UCIEX.
We are working hard to intergrate UCICOIN in to the platform, but several events need to occur first. For for now you can purchase and sell bitcoin using paypal (debit and credit).

To buy or sell bitcoin you need to
1.) Register an account at UCIEX
2.) Verify your account.
3.) Upload required documents(KYC)
4.)Login and conduct your transaction.

Deposits via Paypal are instant, but withdrawals can take up to 12 hours to reach your online trading account.

UCI Starts development of UCICOIN

Universal Crowd-Funding Investments s.a.l (UCI), is proud to announce its development of a new crypto-currency under the name of “UCICOIN”. UCICOIN will be backed by assets and investments under the U.C.I. SAL umbrella.

5 Million ICO/POS Coins will be issued, which equal to about 40% of Universal Crowd-Funding Investments s.a.l(UCI) current assets, the 40% of assets yields dividends that will be paid to coin holders of VIP FOUNDER status or to the people who holds more than 20k coins, the more you hold the more you earn from that 40%, and the exchange rate for HIT Shares / DC Shares, will vary based on UCICOIN market value.

Dividends will be paid using Bitcoin/Ucicoin.


Working hard for the upcoming year

UCI S.A.L. are working hard to intergrate UCICOIN into its many platforms.We fully expect to have our exchange and crowd funding platforms live by the end of January 2015.

This is an exciting time for us and we would like to wish the UCI family well wishes and a prosperous 2015.